The Spotted Way


Before you join, here are the rules:

General Rules:

1~DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS!!!! You can only have so many before you are banned from the site. If a Mod or Admin thinks you are doing something wrong do not make it worse by breaking rules to get at them. Tell us and perhaps we, Feather or Rose, can explain what you are doing wrong.

2~Do NOT power play, god model, spam, or curse! There are younger people on the site who don't need to know bad content. Power playing is cruel, and people should not have to worry about it, so power players are banned, along with spammers. No sexual content. Pups appear with no large details, and the same goes for how they appear. It is disgusting if you role play when everyone else is trying to focus on general role play. Also remember there are younger members on the site.

3~No powers, this is a REALISTIC role play! Keep that in mind when you create your wolf.When out of character, use (parentheses). Please try to remember to role play, instead of just spamming the whole chat box with out of character. You may also use the side chat box, where you will not need to use (parentheses), so I suggest you go there for any out of character chat. Role play realistically, meaning don't use *stars*, -dashes-, or any other signs that you do not see being used commonly. You are allowed to use stars when you correct words or accidentally send the message too early. (Ex. Let's say I accidentally spelled Olympics as Olynpics. I could then send *Olympics to correct it.) Remember, this is a realistic role play!

4~ONLY advertise on the Advertizing page. It is counted as spam if you advertise anywhere else. If someone wants to join a new website, they will look at the Advertising page or at the Affies there.

5~You can have as many characters as you want, but keep them all ACTIVE. I will be nice and allow you a month of inactivity before I delete your character. But if you will not be on for a while, I would prefer that you send an Inactive Warning so we do not delete you.

Pack Rules:

1~If there is no Alphess&(or)Alpha, the current Betess&(or)Beta take the postition as Alphess or Alpha. The Alphess&(or)Alpha can ask the packs opinion on which wolf they think should be Betess&(or)Beta, but do not have to do so. They are the one/s who chose the Betess&(or)Beta, no matter personality or background, and the pack must respect the chosen Betess&(or)Beta. If there is no Alphess, Alpha, Betess, or Beta in the pack (rare) then the pack can choose those wolves for themselves or can wait until they feel a wolf worthy of being a highranking wolf joins the pack.

2~On highly rare occasions a highranking wolf may 'set' a mated pair from a young age. Such as when a new pack is about to be made as truce between packs, two very highranking wolves may choose one of their pups in each pack to become the leaders of the new pack, or there may be time when the pack is to small and needs more wolves. Of course, this usually only happens at desperate times.

3~The Healer is always female, and the Priest is always male, and the same goes for the Apprentices. This is because the two ranks are related. The Priest and Healer are mates, the two medics of the packs. The Healer Apprentice and Priest Apprentice will be mates if the two are old enough. If they are not, there will only be a Healer Apprentice or Priest Apprentice, whichever was first. (Remember, unlike normal Apprentices, these two stay their rank until their mentors die or retire.) If you join as the rank of Healer or Priest and someone else has already requested, the first request will be accepted. The same goes for the Apprentices.

4~A Scout must accompany a Messenger if the Messenger is delivering a message. None of the packs may harm a Messenger when she/he is delivering word of something, so the Scout goes with the Messenger to make sure no one does.

5~Do not join as the positions Alpha, Beta, Healer, or Priest if there is already a wolf of the rank. Do not join as Alpha or Beta at all, because if there are no Betas the Alphas will choose them, and if there are no Alphas the Betas will take over as the Alphas and choose new Betas.

6~In Mountain Valleys even though the pack is is skilled at moving from cliff to cliff, a Mountain Valleys Apprentice does not instantly know how to do this. It is a skill that is learned from the mentor and not be used until the mentor teachs it to the Apprentice. Hunting requires climbing skill, so until an Apprentice has been taught to climb they will not be able to hunt. (Recommended to the appointed Mentor of the Apprentice that climbing is taught first.)Climbing and cliff-jumping is a Mountain Valley trait ONLY! Only their pack has this skill and you may not join a wolf outside of the Mountain Valley Pack that can do these things.


~Right now the site is all members! Please remember to get a profile before or after you are added!

To Join:

Name: Please have it nature related, or at least make sure it is something a wolf would know. Names such as 'Jade' or 'Dream' for example.

Gender: Male or Female

Pack: Drawing Skies, Falling Stars, Mountain Valleys or Ghosted Wolves

Rank: Please see what's open on The Wolves page. If you don't feel like looking, open high ranks and restricted ranks are listed.

Description/Personality: Please make it long and descriptive please! If you would like to try role playing before you create your description, just tell me. Give a basic description of how your wolf looks but personality wise I am willing to wait.

Picture: Try not to have it be anime please. I like to see realistic wolves for realistic role play. It needs to be clear in detail, because blurry pictures just make it harder. Would like them to be medium or large in size to make adding easier.

Profile: Required to roleplay. All of the roleplaying chats are member only.

Problems: If you have any problems with the join page, post on the homepage. If you want to send me a message of your join info that would also work.

We will add you ASAP!

Positions open in Drawing Skies: Lead Hunter, Messenger

Positions open in Drawing Skies cannot join as: Alpha, Preist, Priest Apprentice

Positions open in Falling Stars: Healer Apprentice, Priest Apprentice, Lead Fighter, Lead Hunter, Messenger

Positions open in Falling Stars cannot join as: Alphess, Beta, Preist

Postitions open in Mountain Valleys: Beta, Betess, Healer, Preist, Lead Fighter, Scout

Positions open in Mountain Valleys cannot join as: Preist Apprentice

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Reply Rose
5:59 PM on February 4, 2015 
I can't officially add him because webs is being a pain right now but I will when I get the chance! Just go ahead and rp him when you feel like it okay Aqua.
Reply Aqua
3:37 PM on September 24, 2014 
SANCTUARY WOLFIE YAY (finally added him XD)

Hasamov - Hasamov is a mysterious character, hanging out in the corner of the sanctuary, not talking to any of the other wolves. He's especially special because of his somehow perfectly-kept golden fur and deep blue eyes. Sometimes wolves stay away from him, but other times his quietness and odd air draws wolves towards him. Hasamov is also a legend amongst the other sanctuary wolves, for he has fought his way out of the cage many times, and even bitten several humans. Hasamov was scheduled to be put down, but one of the other wolves knocked over the human holding the needle before it was placed in him. He never found out who the wolf was, and it eats at him during his dreams. It replays in his head, again, and again...

Reply Rose
9:16 PM on July 25, 2014 
Done :P
Reply Rose
9:08 PM on February 14, 2014 
Yep. ^.^ Roleplay away.
Reply Blue
8:46 PM on February 7, 2014 
Rose says...
Blue, Lions picture has already been used, so please find a new one for him.

KK Here :
Does this work?
Reply Rose
2:59 AM on January 28, 2014 
I will add those soon as I get the chance Kyro. Please feel free to rp them now.
Reply Kyro
11:20 PM on January 27, 2014 
Ben Brandes- Coming soon Pic:

Jesse Brandes (younger brother)- Coming soon Pic:

Lyla~ Coming soon Pic:

Herder- Coming soon Pic:

Castaway- Coming soon Pic:

Fallen~ Coming soon Pic:

So sorry but I promise to do the descriptions when I have time ;w;
Reply Kyro
6:16 PM on January 22, 2014 
I seez... idk I was just kind of hoping but its ok cx
Reply Rose
9:22 AM on January 22, 2014 
Added, though I feel Adoption is kinda ignored.
Reply Kyro
2:55 AM on January 22, 2014 
Oh I was also wondering if I could put Kyro's son Storm up for adoption since (I do believe) Splashy isn't really here for Rp and she Rped him so I was just wondering?

Storm- A gray/white colored young male wolf with bright unique crystal pale blue eyes. He is the son of Kyro and the older brother of Kory. Storm takes the role of looking very similar to his mother, Streak, whom passed away shortly after the birth of his brother and himself. He tried helping out his father the best ways possible to help and cope with what family they had now. Storm is actually a very mature male wolf but can be very awkward and very full of energy and very playful like his brother. Most wolves assume he will become the next Alpha Male after either Kyro passes away or even after that the beta of the pack would take over. He isn't too sure about it much but knows its part of the blood line that the eldest of an alpha would become one later in the future. He loves hanging out with his brother and with his friends even breaking the rules a bit for making best friends among the other two packs. He is a very loveable male to be friends with or yet even mates. Over protective of Kory and very defensive over Kyro too as well since it is his father.
Reply Kyro
2:14 AM on January 22, 2014 
Rome- A dark colorly hued male with with mixtures of black, brown, and a tiny smidgen of white on his chest. He has pale yet deceiving yellow eyes. This young male is a merely young aged male wolf, whom has failed various times in his life time to be within the time when he left his birth pack after his mother had left. This is Roman, or Rome for short. As a young pup through out his life had travel back and forth to the warming of his birth home the meadow forests, and traveled to the endangering mountain edges for the winter. His mother, a lean familiar she-wolf through out the faraway plains from the Spotted Way Jenta, was to him a one of a kind mother. She had told him the commentary of traveling as a lone wolf to joining packs and becoming one with other wolves. Before she had left to join a pack somewhere among the mountains, Jenta promised him well in his life and told him to believe what he wanted to believe if he ever started to travel himself. Although its strange he doesn't really have much pack experience of knowing how to join and act, Rome is resorted to being a lone wolf. He is friendly but is shy of other wolves since he doesn't know what to do when he sees one sometimes (But he just runs away if stare down goes on to long), he has been cornered up by wolves once, which ended up rather badly which causes his shyness around wolves. But when he opens up a lot more, he is a true sweet heart and polite gentleman.
Reply Gray
3:15 PM on January 20, 2014 
X3 oops
Reply Rose
11:31 PM on January 19, 2014 
For shame Gray! You forgot to say Charmer was related to Bihali! I fixed that though lol
Good job Aqua!
Both Added.
Reply Gray
8:58 AM on January 19, 2014 
(I'm going to post the pictures soon, I just need to get the url :) P
Reply Gray
8:57 AM on January 19, 2014 
Name: Blow
Gender: Female
Pack: Drawing Skies
Rank: idk anymore XD
A black wolf with misty blue eyes. Blow used to be an item of true beauty but age had gotten to her. She had been caught by wolf hunters and brought to a strange new territory, one filled with an unfamiliar pack. She stayed there for two years, becoming a member of the pack with her children, Flare and Stella. She felt the urge to head back to her pack and did so, along with her grand-daughter, Bihali. Blow is now a wise old wolf with a small spark of youth left in her soul. Blow is now back at her pack and happier than she ever could be.
Mate: Charmer
Kin: Flare, Dash, Stella (pups), Bihali (grand-daughter)

Name: Bihali
Gender: Female
Rank: Adult
Bihali is a wolf full of youth. She loves life and is a pure optimist. She had inherited her long, long legs from her grandmother, Blow, and is a runner. Bihali is the daughter of Stella and Hunter and lookes like an exact replica of Hunter, her father. Light colored fur with darker highlights and bright blue eyes. Bihali is kind and loving towards others and hopes to messenger someday. Even though she is shy, she would make a great friend.
Mate: none
Kin: Blow (grandmother), Stella and Hunter (parents), Birch, Brinn, Bailey (sisters), Leaves (brother)
Reply Aqua
10:43 PM on January 18, 2014 
Name: Aryeum
Gender: Female
Pack: Mountain Valleys
Rank: Alphess!
Desc/Person.: Aryeum is the Alphess of Mountain Valleys, and she fits nicely with her being very lithe, yet muscular underneath her thick coat. Her fur is a light creme, and her eyes are a beautiful amber with flecks of gold, framed by dark tan fur, which is also on her ears. Aryeum is a graceful and sweet wolf, who usually tends to herself at times. But when she feels in the mood for it, she will walk around camp and socialize a lot. Her voice is sweet and melodic, and will sometimes put the most energetic pup to sleep. Aryeum's voice is what helped her get through the restless nights with Tani, her daughter. It may not seem like it, but it's true. She had her and her brother, Yama, with another wolf, who died in a forest fire. After she and her pups got separated, Aryeum found Orion, and spent several moons with him. He then introduced her to Mountain Valleys as his Alphess, and that's where she is now.
Reply Rose
7:08 AM on December 22, 2013 
All updated/added. We'll talk about this more at a different time.
Reply Kyro
5:30 AM on December 22, 2013 
Amox- Just simply looks like a younger and yet a bit old Kyro. Amox is the little brother of Kyro. He has pale greenish yellow eyes and shares a similar colored pelt of Kyro but has a more lighter tone and streaks to it. He is the age of at least 5 in a half but still has the personality of a younger middle aged wolf. Amox has a very lean body that makes him look skinny and weak pointed most of the time. Why else does he have many scars? Younger wolves mock him and tease him for how he looked and they got a good lesson teaching. Back in his more younger days, he would sneak around his packs camp, stealing things. So basically is a former little thief. But it was always for mostly fun and messing around. Its how he also gained the nickname,"Leaning Shadows". Teaseful and kind to Kyro but rough, goofy, and forgiving with his nephews. Pic-
Reply Kyro
5:18 AM on December 22, 2013 
Cynder- A beautiful calm and a quiet dark colored timber wolf. She is "One of a kind" types in her family but never feels like it. Cynder likes to be treated normally. She appears kinda small but don't judge a book by its cover. She is an excellent fighter and hunter mostly and would be a perfect mentor for any lucky wolf. Cynder is dark smudged and is slightly hot-headed but friends could calm her down. She would like to be alpha one day of the Pack of Drawing Skies but knows it may not happen since most wolves think it will most likely think it'll happen. She is the type were she kinda gets hopes up but know's it won't likely happen. Pic-

Breeze- Small like her father, but with looks like her mother, Breeze is bound to be a beautiful young she-wolf. She has a creamy white coat with tan accents and crystal blue eyes. She's very warm and motherly, but a free soul full of creativity and wildness. Normally, open-minded, she isn't a very stubborn pup, taking in others ideas and solving disputes. She loves her siblings, Lace and Meteor, and stands up for them. She's brave when most pups would cower and full of personality. Her one flaw is her forgetfulness, which seems to be a big problem. During conversations, it's hard for her to remember what they were talking about and she doesn't always remember where she was/is. She really hopes it's a pup thing and that it goes away as she gets older, but she has a gut feeling that it's gonna be with her for a while. Pic-

Kory- A young male wolf with a lean, light toned muscled body with pale yellow eyes and a lightly colored pelt. Kory is the son of Kyro and Streak, little brother of Storm, and nephew of Amox. He has a bright personality but the fact that he basically grew up with no mother and only a dad and older brother, he was taught to fight, defend, and tactics. Kory is rather quiet now but will only be his normal self in a way most other do, if someone talks to them. He has a very playful side as well as a very sweet, shy, and caring side. It always comes out when he plays with the pups or training the apprentices sometimes. Probably one of the brightest young wolves in the Pack of Falling Stars. Pic-


Updated on Friday, March 22nd, 2016

Okay guys, we're still in hiatus, but I'm going to try and revive the site again in the summer. No one has school during summer, and there are plenty of people on the internet who are bored out of their minds. This time, instead of trying to move the location again(clearly not working for any of us), I want to focus on making this website more appealing. I was thinking of having us all start a new generation of SW wolves as I tried once before. It didn't work, but I think that some of us just have too many characters to manage... I want it to be the site's decision as a whole though, so I will compose a new message at the beginning of summer to go over ideas, and have those active vote on the suggestion they think is best. I will be logging in every week(Unless something truly drastic happens) to check my inbox. Anyone, even people who were not on the site before, is welcome to send me a message if they wish to help during the summer. Even just being there is good enough. I would appreciate if you tell me when your summer starts; you don't have to be on at first if you can't, but a rough estimate of when you'll be on and active would be great. I have sent a composed message to site staff, so if you are a high ranking member of the site please check your inbox when you log on; this includes Moderators.   

To keep track, I'm putting the list of people here:

Rose(Obviously me): Still logging in and checking, so far no one has responded. I will be free to be more active after May.



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> Banner images for mobile links on sidebar.


> Title banners on information/history page.


> Pack hierarchy added to the information/history page.


> Staff information moved from the home page to the information/history page.


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