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Kiba is an unusual wolf, probably the only one of his kind. He is the same breed of wolf as everyone else in the Pack of Drawing Skies, but somehow he's just different from everyone else. Most wolves look at Kiba as though they've seen him before somewhere, but no one can ever come up with a place that they have seen him before. Kiba is a dark charcoal gray wolf, but his stomach, chest, and paws are snow white. His eyes are the feature that everyone notices first as they are a dark shade of golden orange. Kiba is not like most males that you will find in the territory of The Spotted Way, as he is not one to pat himself on the back and gloat about his large size or skills in fighting and hunting. Kiba tends to stay quiet and watches the activities of the pack. He is happy with being a regular member, but he has another side to his bright, friendly personality. Kiba is ambitious, and to some it may seem that those flame colored orange eyes and a flash of white and gray fur will be the last thing that they see. His goal is to rise to the ocassion and move higher up in the ranks of the pack, but as he is new to this part of the forest, he will prove his loyalty to his new pack. Kiba's loyalty is to the death, but he is not a foolish wolf; he does not give in easily to fights, but knows when to back off and give in. Think you still know this wolf? Try looking deeper than just appearance, something mimght just jump out and bite you.

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Updated on Friday, March 22nd, 2016

Okay guys, we're still in hiatus, but I'm going to try and revive the site again in the summer. No one has school during summer, and there are plenty of people on the internet who are bored out of their minds. This time, instead of trying to move the location again(clearly not working for any of us), I want to focus on making this website more appealing. I was thinking of having us all start a new generation of SW wolves as I tried once before. It didn't work, but I think that some of us just have too many characters to manage... I want it to be the site's decision as a whole though, so I will compose a new message at the beginning of summer to go over ideas, and have those active vote on the suggestion they think is best. I will be logging in every week(Unless something truly drastic happens) to check my inbox. Anyone, even people who were not on the site before, is welcome to send me a message if they wish to help during the summer. Even just being there is good enough. I would appreciate if you tell me when your summer starts; you don't have to be on at first if you can't, but a rough estimate of when you'll be on and active would be great. I have sent a composed message to site staff, so if you are a high ranking member of the site please check your inbox when you log on; this includes Moderators.   

To keep track, I'm putting the list of people here:

Rose(Obviously me): Still logging in and checking, so far no one has responded. I will be free to be more active after May.



✖ Mini Updates ✖ {{07.02.2013}}


> Banner images for mobile links on sidebar.


> Title banners on information/history page.


> Pack hierarchy added to the information/history page.


> Staff information moved from the home page to the information/history page.


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