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A group of families are vacationing in a large house next to the Spotted Way territories. Members can make whole families or can share; to join, ask above. Families can have pets, and kennels for cats and dogs and a stable and corral for horses are on the property. After a while, 3 of the kids either run away or get lost and find their way to the packs. One kid goes to each pack; they can either try to stay or try to escape, depending on what the role-player wants. In an attempt to rescue their kids, the families search through the territories and end up capturing some of the wolves and taking them to a wildlife sanctuary. There, they meet a new pack and can either join or try to escape.


Drawing Skies kid - open (RPer); family - open (RPer)

Falling Stars kid - open (RPer); family - open (RPer)

Mountain Valleys kid - open (RPer) family - open (RPer)

[Guys two of the kids are already taken, we're just not sure which packs they're assigned to yet]

Wolves to be taken to the sanctuary [unlimited, at least 2] - open (RPer), open (RPer)

Wolves already in the sanctuary [unlimited, at least 3] - open (RPer), open (RPer), open (RPer

Commander of sanctuary - open (RPer)

The Cabin


This is where humans often come to live on the edge of three The Spotted Way territories, when they are looking to have a good time outdoors or make trouble, the will sometimes wander into the pack territories. It is a vocational rental, so it is huge and well built. The variety of places near the cabin are there in case people want to bring along their pets. Three or four families are able to stay in the cabin at a time, though there are usually only two. Every area of the cabin has at least two rooms, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Area 1


Area 2


Area 3


Area 4 


The Kennels

 Wooden 4+8 (breedable) dog/cat kennel

Mainly built for dogs, though cats and other animals can be placed in these. The kennels were placed there in case the person/people renting the cabin have a huge number of animals of that variety. There are actually two kennels, but usually only one is in use. Both kennels have about 12 different areas, but they will all be in a combined chat.

Kennel 1


Kennel 2


Stable and Corral

The stable were built because a lot of people like to go trail riding with their horses when they go to enjoy the out doors and sometimes use them to help travel.





Humans and Animals


Begonia Lupu

The recently divorced mother of Briar, Begonia is the owner of three horses and two police trained dogs. One is hers, the other was her ex husbands.  After the horrible divorce, Begonia decided to move to this place with the rest of her family hoping it would be better for her and Briar.

Children: Briar



Briar is a fifteen year old girl. The only child of her family, Briar was devastated to see it fall apart before her eyes when her father left her. She always loved to tend the horses with him and go on extended trail rides, and she aspired to join the police like her parents had, but she is considering changing her mind.

Coming Soon

Ben Bardes

Jesse Bardes



Formerly a police dog, Trace used to belong to Begonia's Ex-husband but he know belongs to Begonia and only Begonia. He seems to know this as he always stays by her side. He is like a father figure to Fade, though the two are not at all related. He is an old dog, a German Shepard mix of some kind that, though now a retired police dog is still very, very strong and skilled. He was well trained and could still do a take down if he was ordered to. 



Fade is still a puppy. Almost a year old now, she is a pure bred Malinois that is training with Briar to one day go into some sort of military service. For now, she seems to have taken up herding as she nips at Princess hooves when the horse does not obey Briar's orders and is already coming along to be a great dog, well trained or not. She is very good with Briar and will only obey an order if it comes from Briar herself.

Coming Soon







Begonia's beautiful purebred Quarter Horse mare, she is a palomino and is a mother figure to Princess. She was once used by Begonia for some cross country and a couple of other things, but now the most she is usually taken from her stall for is the occasional warm up or trail ride. Queen is content to always be Begonia's horse, as she has been Begonia's horse for almost her entire life. 



Princess is not really Queen's daughter, but she certainly acts like it now and then. Begonia partially took care of Princess when Briar was still learning how to ride, but now that Briar does know how to ride Princess is entirely hers and Begonia had made this very, very clear to her. Princess has a slightly ornery tendency to do what she wants rather then what Briar wants, but Fade is usually there to correct her and make her do as Briar ask. Like Queen, Princess is a purebred Quarter Horse. Begonia got the mare when Briar was ten hoping to make a bond between the horse and her daughter.


Prince is an Arabian/Quarter Horse mix that used to belong to Begonia's Ex-Husband. Now he is shared between Begonia and Briar, usually taken out of his stall during long trips away to be used as a pack horse. Begonia and Briar still have not quite figured out what they are going to do with him, but seem to have decided to keep him until they do figure something out.

Coming Soon






This is the page where you can browse through the current mates and crushes in each of the packs, in case one of your wolves has their eye on someone who is already taken! Current mates, crushes, and likes will be posted below, and in the submission box below you can post if your wolf has a crush on anyone.

Key: Males Females

Drawing Skies


Charmer <3 Blow






Rose, Cynder, Bloom, Bright, Forest, Mishka

Bold, Dash, Oak, Glade

Falling Stars






Song likes Kory

Kory likes Song

Kyro isn't positive but has taken a tiny interest in Silent


Whisper, Silent, Song

Figment, Marcus

Mountain Valleys


None yet!


None yet!


None yet!


Wish, Rush, Soul, Leto, Jenta

Post in the form below if you have anything for us (Feather and Rose) to update or add


Character Adoption

This is where you can help the site out and adopt the unused characters, or charries. As of now, only pups are put up in it, but in the future regular wolves will be as well.

~Note: The pups below actually cannot be adopted until they are put on very sure terms. If their name is in the color of their pack, they can be adopted.~

Drawing Skies


Flake and Hana's son, Ice is Glaicer's older brother with grayish white fur and blue eyes. Like his father he has an awry flirtatious humor and likes to express himself. He loves his family and would not have it any other way than how it is for himself right now.


Miracle is the youngest daughter of Rose and Land. Younger then Forest and Oak but older than Smoke, she is a beautiful pitch black she wolf with amber eyes. She has grown to have a more shy nature then her sister, but is still very much like her mother and father. She is a great hunter and a decent fighter. She can really do some miraculous things if she puts her mind to it and is always open minded to new ideas or things. 


The youngest of his siblings, Smoke's personality is somewhat different from the rest of his family's general happy-go-lucky mood. He seems more like Shade, and Rose worries about him the most often out of his siblings not only because he is the youngest of them, but also because he generally seems to be the darkest of them. He is a decent hunter but he claims the only reason he would ever hunt is if he had to. He is a great fighter and seems to be obsessed with honing his skills to be the sharpest he can possibly get them to be. Because Rose is always busy, he had never worried about her trying to stop him.

Falling Stars


Aphrodite is a coal black pup. Aphrodite can be like her sister, Artemis, at times. Oh, no, she is always like her sister! Courageous, strong, and loyal! Well, mostly courage. Ask her to take a bear's prey, she'll do it! There isn't much logic in that, but oh well! She's a wolf! She has deep green eyes with a purple tint in them. She cares for her pack-mates around her, and can be gentle sometimes. Like I said, sometimes. She is the pup of two well-known wolves, Apple and Kyo. Her brother is Apollo, and her sister is Artemis, as mentioned earlier.


A gray/white colored young male wolf with bright unique crystal pale blue eyes. He is the son of Kyro and the older brother of Kory. Storm takes the role of looking very similar to his mother, Streak, whom passed away shortly after the birth of his brother and himself. He tried helping out his father the best ways possible to help and cope with what family they had now. Storm is actually a very mature male wolf but can be very awkward and very full of energy and very playful like his brother. Most wolves assume he will become the next Alpha Male after either Kyro passes away or even after that the beta of the pack would take over. He isn't too sure about it much but knows its part of the blood line that the eldest of an alpha would become one later in the future. He loves hanging out with his brother and with his friends even breaking the rules a bit for making best friends among the other two packs. He is a very loveable male to be friends with or yet even mates. Over protective of Kory and very defensive over Kyro too as well since it is his father.

Mountain Valleys 

None yet! 

Comments or Questions

If you have any comments or questions for the site, please feel free to post them here!

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Updated on Friday, March 22nd, 2016

Okay guys, we're still in hiatus, but I'm going to try and revive the site again in the summer. No one has school during summer, and there are plenty of people on the internet who are bored out of their minds. This time, instead of trying to move the location again(clearly not working for any of us), I want to focus on making this website more appealing. I was thinking of having us all start a new generation of SW wolves as I tried once before. It didn't work, but I think that some of us just have too many characters to manage... I want it to be the site's decision as a whole though, so I will compose a new message at the beginning of summer to go over ideas, and have those active vote on the suggestion they think is best. I will be logging in every week(Unless something truly drastic happens) to check my inbox. Anyone, even people who were not on the site before, is welcome to send me a message if they wish to help during the summer. Even just being there is good enough. I would appreciate if you tell me when your summer starts; you don't have to be on at first if you can't, but a rough estimate of when you'll be on and active would be great. I have sent a composed message to site staff, so if you are a high ranking member of the site please check your inbox when you log on; this includes Moderators.   

To keep track, I'm putting the list of people here:

Rose(Obviously me): Still logging in and checking, so far no one has responded. I will be free to be more active after May.



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