The Spotted Way

Summit Cliff

Once an abandoned cliff, it was discovered by the first wolves of the packs. It was used as a basic meeting place, but then got more and more like a pack gathering, and then was used from generation to generation and still is held every full moon. It is a place where wolves can come and ask for advice, and the dead wolves here will do their best to answer in different ways; whether it be by words or by signs.

The cliff is a large side of a mountain with large landings and pathways connected to them all. It is slanted, so every wolf can see every other wolf. At the top are the alphas who announce everything, then the betas and the healers, then the rest of the wolves.

The Pack of Spirit Wolves that rest here can all watch the packs, and speak to the highest rank wolves in dreams during dangerous times, but they can do little other then that unless they all together decided the packs were doing something very wrong, in extreme cases the Pack of Spirit Wolves can use all of their energy to create a storm, or something to make clear their feelings.


*The Pack of Spirit Wolves has welcomed Cerulean to their group!

*The next Healer's Gathering has yet to be scheduled.


Gathering Sections

Top: Alphas and Alphess's of Falling Stars, Drawing Skies and Mountain Valleys. A wolf of high postition may represtent them if the Alpha and/or Alphess cannot come. Normally the Beta Female and/or Beta Male comes if that happens, but it is rare if any others are given this chance.

Mid-top: Beta Females and Beta Males of the Packs sit here.

Middle: Healers, Preists, and their Apprentices sit here.

Lower Area: Ranks such as Lead Hunter, Lead Fighter, Scout and Messenger are here.

Bottom: Normal wolves and Apprentices of the Packs sit here.

How do Meetings Start?

*A Messenger of any of the three packs goes to the other two and sends a message from an Alphess or Alpha to the other packs and tells the message that there is a possible meeting in 2-5 days from then.

*A battle between the packs and roges packs breaks out, the packs come here to speak with each-other and decide what to do against the threat of the packs.

*A important message sent by a Spirit Wolf can be reported by a member of any of the three packs, it will be told at the meeting unless the Spirit Wolf said only one or two packs in particular.

*The Healers, Preists, and their Apprentices meet up every few months to speak of inuries, illness, problems, and other trouble under truce that they will share no secrets with anyone outside of their ranks.

*Alpha and Alphess of all three packs must meet at least once every month. They may leave their Betas in charge of the camp while this is happening.

*A meeting may be called for a special Welcoming of rank, listed below.

*A meeting MUST be called if one of the pack goes missing, become ill, or is having problems in case it may spread.

*Any extreme happenings aside from the things listed may call for a meeting.

The Cave of Wind

This is a cave that only the Pack of Spirit Wolves can find, they come here to talk quietly of the packs and what should be done.



A Pup changes into a Apprentice by going through this with Mother and Alpha or Alphess's approval.

Alpha or Alphess: (Name of pup) do you wish to begin training for the benefit of the pack? Even when times are hard and nights are cold?

Pup: Yes, I wish to train to become a full member of the pack.

Alpha or Alphess: Then, because this wolf has shown great traits, your mentor shall be (Name of wolf) and you shall train with him/her until he/she decides you are ready to be seen as a full member of the pack.

After this, the new Apprentice and mentor are meant to lick each-others ear in acception of the new adjustment.

A Apprentice changes into a full member of the pack by having his/her mentor talk to the Alpha or Alphess to see if they agree, and if there i agreement then the Apprentice is soon made into a normal member by going through this.

Mentor: I have asked (Alpha or Alphess's name) if, like me, they think my Apprentice is ready to become a full member of the pack, and we have agreed that this Apprentice is ready.

Apha or Alphess: (Nods) Yes, we have agreed that (Apprentice's name) is now ready to be a full member of the pack, and this Apprentice must promise to hunt and patrol often.

Apprentice: I promise to do my best at feeding the pack and defending the territory.

After this, the Alpha or Alphess goes down and the new adult of the pack touchs foreheads with their Alpha AND Alphess.

Wolf changes to Elder. May reqeust to beome an Elder after a long time in the Pack. If the wolf requesting has a mate he or she should make sure their mate is happy with their choice and will join him or her in the Elder's Den.

Wolf (or wolves): We/I have thought about it a lot and we/I would like to become an Elder, after a long time in service of the Pack of ________ (Falling Stars, Drawing Skies or Mountain Valleys.) and would like to know if you approve of my choice. 

Alphess/Alpha: (Normally) *Nods* Yes, I agree with your choice and you may become a elder/s, are you sure?

Wolf (or wolves): *Nod* Yes we/I am/are sure of our choice.

Alphess/Alpha: Then from now on you shall live in the Elders den, and Apprentices will take care of your needs. Thank you for your long time of service.

Elder/s: Thank you.

NOTE: From this point the rest of the ceremonies are usually done at Summit Cliff with the pack attending.

A wolf has been offered the chance to become a Beta, and they may either accept or refuse on their on choice, but most of the time it is accepted and this happens next.

Alpha or Alphess: (Name of wolf) you have been skilled at everything that is needed for responsable Beta, and you may become one, do you accept?

Wolf: Yes, I accept with great pleasure.

Alpha or Alphess: Then you shall be the new Beta of the pack to replace the last and continue the cycle of the pack.

New Beta: I respect the last Beta and promise to do my best as the new one.

After this, the whole pack howls to remember the last Beta and accept the new one. (This does not happen for wolves who became mates with a Beta, because both Betas are already accepted at this point.)

A Beta turns into New Alpha or Alphess. (Though this is EXTREMELY rare, there are times when a Beta has to become an Alpha/Alphess when no one is left in their place. This can also happen when a Alpha or Alphess wishes to become a regular wolf of the pack by giving a younger wolf the place. Meaning they 'retire'.

The Beta steps onto a high ledge at Summit Cliff and looks down upon their packmates.

Beta: I am sad to say that (Name of Alpha or Alphess) has chosen to give up their rank (Or has died) and this has passed it onto me. I will so my best to lead in their place and I will keep the pack going through hard times and great times, so that they may rest in peace knowing the pack is well looked after.

Pack: Howls agreement and accepts their new Alpha/Alphess.

After this, the new Alpha/Alphess is visted by a Ghosted Wolf who speaks for the packs of spirits, telling the Alpha/Alphess a hint of their future before returning to their pack.

The Spirit Wolves

These are wolves that have died and are now spirits.



A beautiful black wolf who has a light hue of sky blue and was once beta serving pack of drawing skies but died bravely in a war between her pack and pack of falling stars. She has a scar that stays permanently on her right eye. They invaded they're camp and a couple of wolves charged into the nursery. Spirit saw them and broke away from battle into the nursery killing one or two but there was two more who managed to kill 3 pups. Enraged and blinded to kill them from killing innocent pups, she died. Spirit now lives in Pack of Ghosted Wolves in peace with the others. Spirit had three pups but one of them was killed in the battle while one remains missing, and shockingly, Kyro, Alpha Male of the Pack Of Falling Stars, is her son. She was so happy and filled with joy to know he remained alive. Spirit is always available to those who want her help. Her warm hearts makes others want to be like herself. Spirit can only give those who want help are, hope, love, faith, and always believe in yourself.


Shine died in a battle of Drawing Skies and Falling Stars. She was a wolf of Drawing Skies, but she was only so for a short time. Her history reaches far deeper then that. She had been in another pack, The Pack of Wolf Mountain, for most of her life, and sometimes, she wonders what might have happened had she never left at all, or if she had left under different circumstances. Shine had a family, a mate, pups, in her former pack, The Pack of Wolf Mountain. She never had such a chance in the Pack of Drawing Skies, only having lived in that pack for a short time.



Freesia is a pure white Ghosted Wolf. She was Feather and Slay's mother who was killed by an evil pack. Freesia shouldn't be a Ghosted Wolf, but when her pack was destroyed their ancient pack was also. The white wolf wandered the skies for a long time until she found The Spotted Way. She became friends with the Ghosted Wolves and offered them good advice to give the packs, so they let her stay.



She died from a normal cause of death from old age. Autumn rests with the Ghosted Wolves.



Blossom was an old wolf when she died, and she had been through much in her life. She was not born in Drawing Skies and she only joined the pack after she had gone through the majority of her life. She was Sun's best friend and she understood the other female, not hostile because Flake did not accept her. She watchs over her former pack and despite her old age, as a spirit she seems in her prime again like her name suggests: A blossom in full bloom.

Mate:: Unknown (Former)

Pups:: Petal (Daughter, Loner, gone) Rose (Daughter) Charmer (Son) Shade (Son, Leaf's Pack, dead) Flake (Son)


Cerulean is a gentle and beautiful she wolf with kind brown eyes with a hinting of green in them. Cerulean was named her name because of her blue-gray fur that has a beautiful silkiness to the texture. Cerulean is the kind of wolf that has a mind that tends to wander off and she isn't the brightest wolf. The female has a kind heart though, but is extremely shy and wary, sticking to true friends that she's known for a while. Cerulean is usually left out for her shyness but she doesn't mind it. She is an amazing and beautiful she wolf. Her Pack and home is Drawing Skies.


  Kiba is an unusual wolf, probably the only one of his kind. He is the same breed of wolf as everyone else in the Pack of Drawing Skies, but somehow he's just different from them. Most wolves look at Kiba as though they've seen him before somewhere, but no one can ever come up with a place that they have seen him. Kiba is a dark charcoal gray wolf, but his stomach, chest, and paws are snow white. His eyes are the feature that everyone notices first as they are a dark shade of golden orange. Kiba is not like most males that you will find in the territory of The Spotted Way, as he is not one to pat himself on the back and gloat about his large size or skills in fighting and hunting. Kiba tends to stay quiet and watches the activities of the pack. He is happy with being a regular member, but he has another side to his bright, friendly personality. Kiba is ambitious, and to some it may seem that those flame colored orange eyes and a flash of white and gray fur will be the last thing that they see. His goal is to rise to the occasion and move higher up in the ranks of the pack, but as he is new to this part of the forest, he will first prove his loyalty to his new pack. He has no mate, but wishes to one day find a she-wolf that he truly loves and have pups eventually. Kiba's loyalty is to the death, but he is not a foolish wolf; he does not give in easily to fights, but knows when to back off and give in. Think you still know this wolf? Try looking deeper than just appearance, something might just jump out and bite you when you least expect it.




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