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Before you advertise, know here and now that you may NOT advertise or request affiliates ANYWHERE ELSE!

Please feel free to look over our website! That goes double if your affiliates requesting! We need new members because we are having a huge active check!

That's all, feel free to advertise or request affiliates. (Yes, I know on the website it say about 3 times that you can't advertise anywhere else, but I want to be THROUGH in explaining advertising stays here, and only here on the advertising page!!!)

Extra Note-To refresh our Affies, I have added a new chatbox for it and have deleted any websites that I can no longer link to or that say 'page not found'. If you have any complaints or wish to be re-affie with The Spotted Way, please contact me By the way, I often have issues adding an image link and may do text instead. ~Rose

Advertising and Affies

 This is the place where you can advertise your website. You may ONLY advertise here, and you may also ask to become affiliates. Please put our link-back on your site and inform us you have done so, and we will add you ASAP! 

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 Affiliates (Links):

The Animals of Mystica 

Harmony and Hypocrisy

Colorful Clans 

 Affiliates (Link-back pictures. Click to go to website.):

Isle of Darkness

The Dawn Flankers

The Infected

The Infected 

The Jungle Clans

German Sheperd & Husky Rescue

We Are The Forgotten Wolves

Mercury Boarding School

The Magic Wolfies

 Kalthlen Academy

 Chained Hearts


City of Echoes